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What is Portsmouth A La Carte?
Portsmouth A La Carte is a consortium of local independent merchants – stores, inns, restaurants, theaters, cafes, salons and more – who have banded together to form a powerful marketing forum. Founded in 1996 by two local merchants, the A La Carte gift card program has realized over $1.7 million in sales for its merchant members by attracting individuals to patronize local businesses like yours. By working together for the past twenty years, the card is being purchased by Seacoast residents and people as far away as North Dakota. How you ask? People buy the card for their Seacoast relatives and friends all the time.

Who can become a member?
Any independent business in New Hampshire’s Seacoast region.

Why become an A La Carte member?
By becoming a participating merchant who accepts the A La Carte gift card, you will instantly have access to the annual $300,000 plus in card sales. That’s right, today roughly a quarter million dollars is purchased by potential customers for your business. That means you’ll be introduced to a new customer base, increase your sales revenue, and have another means of marketing your business to both local residents and visitors.

How do I join A La Carte today?

It’s simple. Download and complee the brief merchant application using the link below. That’s it. Once you complete the application, A La Carte will add you to this website as a participating member, send you a merchant welcome kit and set up a processing terminal at your point of sale location. If you’d prefer, you can call Portsmouth A La Carte today at 603-799-4656 or email us at [email protected]

A glance at our membership

20 Year Members:

Poco’s Bow Street Cantina

Portsmouth Brewery

15 Year Members:

Dos Amigos

Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Cafe

Portsmouth Gas Light Company

Ristorante Massimo

10 Year Members:

Dolphin Striker

The Library

5 Year Members:

Flower Kiosk

G. Willikers!

Kennedy Gallery


The Music Hall

Portsmouth Harbor Cruises

Riverrun Bookstore

Tugboat Alley