COVID 19: Please contact participating merchants to ensure gift cards are being accepted during this unprecedented pandemic.

If you have general inquiries about how or where to purchase cards, issues with using cards or how to reload money onto existing cards, please contact at 603-610-5510 or email us at [email protected].

Interested in becoming a member or need technical support? Contact us at [email protected]. If you are seeking support regarding your listing on the A La Carte website. contact Bruce Jewett at Double-0 Marketing.

WHAT CAN I DO IF A MERCHANT DOES NOT ACCEPT THE CARD? Please be aware that our participating merchant group changes frequently and that any hard copy lists mailed with your card can become outdated. For the most accurate list of merchants, please download the current merchant list. If a merchant does not accept your gift card, please contact John Golumb at [email protected]
WHERE CAN I PURCHASE GIFT CARDS? A La Carte gift cards are available for purchase online or in person at the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce.
CAN I STILL REDEEM THE FORMER PAPER GIFT CERTIFICATE? YES, the original paper gift certificates are still gladly accepted at our participating merchants.
DOES A LA CARTE ACCEPT AMERICAN EXPRESS FOR ONLINE PURCHASES? At this time our credit card vendor does not accept American Express. However, you can use your American Express credit card at the Portsmouth Brewery Store and Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce.
HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO RECEIVE CARDS PURCHASED ONLINE? You will receive any card(s) purchased online within 5 business days.
CAN MY A LA CARTE CARD BE USED BY MULTIPLE PEOPLE? Yes, the gift card can be used by multiple people in your family or by your friends. There is no identification on the cards, so card holders are responsible for the whereabouts of their cards and who uses the card.
WHAT IF I LOSE MY CARD? Portsmouth A La Carte is not responsible for lost cards and is unable to put a hold on cards that are lost.


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